Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A Few Finds

A new antique shop opened in my hometown, so I had to pop in and take a peek. It is a cute store in a tiny historic building, freshly painted and neatly organized. It didn't take long for me to find some unique items to load into the van.

Right inside the door I picked up the yellow book table,
then made a beeline for the little chair in the corner.
I love how the chair had a low back, and the seat was already covered.
Perfect in my daughters room.

I always look for kitchen items too. Mostly I love pyrex dishes with glass lids,
 from the 50's and 60's, in bright colors. Today I found these mini Ball mason jar
salt & pepper shakers, and got a great buy on some stainless.

Rodgers Stainless 32 pieces - $3.95, really $3.95!

Added one little bottle with an orange top, (I love orange), and I was done.

On the way home I drove by a shop that is only open at the owner's whim.
 The door was open so I stopped.
This shop has been around for a long time. It is full, I mean full. Things are crowded into any available floor space and piled on top of other things. You have to look under and behind to find the treasures. She carries all kinds of stuff, lamps, artwork, knick-knacks, books, clothing, china, jewelry, and much of it is genuine antiques. I found three things I couldn't leave without, and she took half off the total.
Must have been my lucky day.

This solid wood 4-panel screen is very sturdy and has nice moulding detail. I am not fond of
the crackle paint finish and the flower art, but my husband is always willing to sand and paint.

I love this chest! It has immaculate cedar on the inside, and the original finish. Even has the original
manufacturers sticker and warranty card on the inside of the lid. The finish is that light danish-modern sixties style. This I am not going to paint. I placed it by my bed for a quick photo, but it has a date
with some steel wool, TSP, and elbow grease to clean it. Then a new clear coat to freshen it up.

Lastly, I took home this globe. Just like the globes we had in school.
I love globes and maps of all kinds. This globe still has Chechoslovakia
and the USSR on it. Funny thing though, I was looking at it with my three youngest kids,
and I asked my 17yr old daughter who was recently accepted to several colleges,
to show the younger kids where Europe was and she didn't know! She has never
taken a geography class, not required. Funny, but a bit sad.

Grand total in shop #2, 3 items - $112
It was a good day.