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June 30, 2011

  This book is about a suburban dad who works from home and drives his young daughter to and from school daily. An afternoon of frustrations while driving home results in a tragic accident that changes the course of of his family's life.
  I enjoyed this book, however I felt that the main characters were not deeply defined. I really didn't get attached to them, so the end was not really emotion provoking.
  It is a great study of what we call road rage here in California, and how one rash decision can start a chain reaction of life changes.

Jeanette Walls haunting memoir proves her to be courageous, strong, resilient and empathetic, despite a childhood with uncaring and unavailable parents. Ms. Walls writes with such details pulled from childhood memories that were not carefree or pleasant.  I would read this book again. I feel like I missed so many details when I neared the end of the book, details that might have helped make sense of the outcome. I found myself rooting for Jeanette, her brother and 2 sisters as they approached high school age and tried to make their own way, one by one, to a new life in New York.