Tuesday, February 16, 2010

What's My Style?

Our home is clean and neat and clutter free. A big deal if you consider that there are currently 6 of us that live here, and at times there were 8 or 9. We have a big family. Anyway, we have nice colors on the walls and basic, need based furniture, and some nice art. However we are lacking good lighting and pretty accessories. Whenever my husband and I go shopping for our home we are unsuccessful. We can never agree on an accent table, lamp or decorative frame. I think this is because we have not defined our style, my husband stays in hotels a lot so he tends to choose modern items, whereas I like "homier" furniture with personality. So I went to the bookstore and thumbed through all the decorating magazines until I found one that defined what I'd like our home to look and feel like. It also became clear when we saw the movie, "It's Complicated", that what we agree on, that we both like, is......Traditional!
Armed with this new insight,we have already purchased a few things that will be posted on here soon.

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